Birthday Treat

As the title suggests, what better way to celebrate adding another ring to my trunk by organizing a sexy rendezvous with the delectable Daisy. I arranged this fortnight prior to ensure both parties were available. I casually admitted it was my birthday and she promised I would be guaranteed a special treat with a couple of new erotic surprises.

Arriving promptly to my out of town residence, she swept in looking absolutely fantastic, especially with her "cum to bed eyes" which lead me to where the good times roll!!! As her clothes quickly but seductively disappeared to reveal her curvaceous and taut body lightly covered in beautiful sexy lingerie that had me floored. Thankfully was lying in a prone position already. Her lips were soft, but gently probing, before her hands started working their magic, bringing me to a highly satisfying crescendo. For the first of "birthday surprise" was the use of whipped cream which was liberally spread all over her finer parts from top to bottom. Without needing a spoon, I was invited to dig in and lick my way to the superb bumps and crevices of her athletic but perfectly proportioned body.

Due to my disability, some positions are physically impossible, but teacher Daisy brought another position to the bedroom which i greatly appreciated and found it highly satisfying in every sense. Not to be discounted are her oral skills which also brought me to another level of climatic bliss!!!!

Not only is Daisy a stunning beautiful women with a very high libido who thoroughly enjoys getting as much pleasure from her time as does the client. She also put on a show with some toys which ensured I was ready for another round - after a suitable rest period for this fulla to catch his breath.

she's also very intelligent and can hold conversation on a range of topics. She exudes such a positive energy, you can't help but absolutely relax and enjoy to the best her silky skills.

Justified her ranking as one of Dunedin finest working ladies - you would be mad not to include her on your 2022 Wish List
D, January 2022

Delightful double with Daisy and Chloe


I was so lucky to be able to book a double with Daisy and Chloe when Chloe visited the Deep South last week. I have meet Daisy on multiple occasions and have always had an amazing time, I have seen many top reviews for Chloe but more than the reviews I have always enjoyed the way Chloe interacts on the forum. I have always thought she is kind and genuine. Making the booking was super simple as any time would suit me so I simply asked Daisy to suggest times that suited Her and Chloe. So with the booking made all that was left was to wait for a couple of days and let my imagination do its thing. On the day of the booking as usual I showered taking extra care to make sure I was super clean and smelling fresh. I was a little nervous when I arrived as this was going to be my second ever double. I was met at the door by both Chloe and Daisy both looking gorgeous with smiles that would put the most nervous at ease. Chloe was closest so I quickly learnt why she is known as cuddly Chloe I received a hug so full of warmth I am sure could melt the polar ice cap. Followed up by an equally melting hug from Daisy. I thought Daisy's smile was even bigger than normal which is a feat in its self as Daisy is such a smiley person. In hindsight I think it may have been because she already knew how much of a good time we were about to have. I was lead into the Bedroom where we started to get a little more acquainted and I have to say all of a sudden my only cares in the world were which set of lips I should engage with and whose back I should rub gently. Chloe suggested some refreshments and while Daisy offered to go get them to give Chloe and I a minute or two to get to know each other a bit better. Chloe is truly beautiful, Her face eyes and smile all get together to tell a story, That is both relaxing and calming along with burning sensuality. Daisy arrived back with some refreshments and joined in. I spent the rest of our time together engulfed in a depth of feelings of passion and seduction that I had only dreamed of. I am not one to describe what happens in a booking but I will share some special parts. I love to gently lick and suck on a nipple but when you look across and see a beautiful lady doing the same on the other nipple that really kicks the feelings up a notch. And to be told a little bit later it was a race to see who got the nipple erect first was only a little bit of the humor in amongst all the other wonderful feelings. The thing I learnt quickly about a double is there are two sets of everything and when both the ladies turn their attention on you and you think you have it under control another sensation appears and you hopelessly lost again. If that isn't enough when you have a tongue on each side of a very sensitive part of the male anatomy and they lick upward in unison culminating in a passionate kiss all hope of any control is instantly lost. Both of these ladies know how to transport a man to cloud nine and then keep us there till the explosive end. Even days later every time I think about it I feel so good. I hope to see these stunning ladies again both one on one and as a double.

-J, May 2021

Daisy Does It Again


I have seen Daisy a few times now and the experience just keeps getting better. I was lucky enough to be able to make a booking with this delightful young lady on her current tour. I arrived to find Daisy dressed in stockings and a very nice black bra and panty set. This definitely set the mood for what followed. What followed was an hour of delicious GFE during which we took turns at pleasuring each other. From the passionate kisses to fun with toys and plenty of oral stimulation finishing with a couple of very enjoyable positions and complete satisfaction. I am already thinking about her next tour. If your looking for a true girl friend experience that will be catered to you. I would have to say Daisy delivers.

- J, October 2020

Delightful Daisy Darling


Had the pleasure of a post lock down rendezvous with daisy today. Great to chat to while getting ready for the meeting, then the fun began. Nice piece of lingerie & stockings. Easy to peel off. Stocking stayed of course. Still hard to take eyes off her especially when she made use of her wee toy. Quite energetic as she had not long arrived, 2 pair of wondering hands got put to use on each other’s bodies old fella took a bit to convince to perform, joys of old age, but after watching rd 2 with daisy’s toy it was all go. Daisy knows how to get one going so I should stop sampling the other visitors to town and save oneself for the best, where I know a performance will happen in the end. Another great and very enjoyable time with a great gal and will be saving up for her next visit to town.

- T, June 2020

Just Class

As a new reviewer, I feel the need to summarise a couple of wonderful sessions I have had with Daisy over the last couple of months. While choosing new ladies, I checked out previous reviews to ascertain good or bad.

As my username suggests, being disabled creates its issues, also living in a rural town also adds to a slight difficulty. Once contacting Daisy, she was more than willing to accommodate me in every sense. Her pictures are truly accurate as this is a stunning woman, with a cute smile and a fantastic body.

Her service is top class, she has incredible energy, and loves to tease me to heighten the sensual climatic sensation. She's an incredibly intelligent woman and we had many inciteful discussions as we re-charged our batteries for another sweaty session.

Top classy lady . a Dunedin treat, not to miss out on.

- D, February 2020

Daisy delectable delicious


I was lucky enough to spend an hour with Daisy recently. Daisy only offers a Luxury GFE and I have to say she delivers exactly that. It was the first time I have met Daisy and when she greeted me with a nice warm hug and kiss at the door I knew that Luxury GFE is the perfect description for the service she provides. With the payment taken care of we took a little time to chat with some kissing and cuddling just to get acquainted. Daisy has very soft and kissable lips. After a bit Daisy subtly hinted by standing and getting naked that it was time to get a little more serious. Luckily I was able to pick up on such a subtle hint. Daisy has sensitive skin and what I liked was she is comfortable enough to explain what she likes so we both get as much pleasure as possible. I am a one shot in the session guy and Daisy took that onboard completely. She took it easy on me with the CBJ which I have to say was amount the best I have had. Daisy is very attentive and you can tell she was looking to maximise the pleasure I was getting. As it was time for Daisy to receive some attention we changed to some DATY which was a very enjoyable. Moving on to the main event Daisy chose Doggy so she could use her toy not complaining at all we managed a close to photo finish which I always love. Post event was filled with great conversation. Daisy is friendly and intelligent and very easy to be with. I'll be looking forward to her next visit South.

  • J, November 2019

Delicious Daisy

Time to write another Review - So a couple of weeks back I was lucky enough to have a two hour booking with Daisy, an escort I had always wanted to meet; so when I saw she was Touring through Queenstown I texted her right away and booked a time with her a day in advance.


I was very nervous to meet some one new and found my mind racing as I entered the hotel, even more nervous when I found myself in the elevator with about six tourists, all making small talk as we waited to get to our required floors. I was so nervous that when I entered the lift I was so shocked to see so many people in there already I forgot to press the button for the floor I wanted, so had to take the journey to the other floors before I got to the floor Daisy was on lol.


Making it to her floor my nerves were quickly calmed as soon as Daisy answered the door, I was greeted with a friendly, talkative sexy woman who led me into the room (very nice accommodation btw), sat side by side getting to know each other for the first time, a drink was on offer and so was a shower before being led into the bedroom.


I am never one to go into full on details about every little thing that happened, but the next 2 hours were fantastic, Daisy is an incredible sexy woman with curves in all the right places, a very sexy experience that I will never forget, she had me squirming, wriggling and moaning with overloaded pleasure, if it wasn't for the fact that she was on top and had me held down I might have rolled off the bed in ecstasy; am still thinking about her lips xx


Daisy is also a very fun, sweet woman to get to know, sitting side by side talking away on a snowy cold evening in Queenstown was wonderful; I cant wait to see her again the in the future! Be polite and courteous with Daisy and you are in for a real treat xx

  • J, October 2019

Great Start to 2019


I hadn't seen many girls in 2018 mainly due to some bad experiences but 2019 is a new year and I was feeling rather full and needed some relief

I had scrolled through NZG discounting all the Asians there weren't many options left, had read mixed reviews on Daisy but her profile had always caught my attention so I thought why not



Sent off a txt and got a quick reply, time was set. I receive a txt you can come earlier if you like as Im ready, that suited me I arrived to a busy street and gave some directions to a lost lady before knocking on the door which made me a little anxious

A smiling friendly face appears behind the door as I step in (and the lady I just spoke with is still on the foot path), I always find immediate eye contact sets the tone and for me settles some nerves, theres immediate chemistry and we chat about a few things before what I would like, Im not into kissing and GFE I say, but prefer a PSE, teasing and Im a boob man.


What followed would be best described as a lapdance and a slow strip, an absolutely amazing seductive BJ and some boob play that had me ready to explode! after some sex I requested a COB finish. I haven't uncontrollably quivered since Heavenly Hands left Dunners about 5 years ago, Daisy certainly has some skills as I nearly collapsed and fainted from total ectasy



In conclusion you get out of these experinces what you put in and there has to be chemistry from both and for me there was the session was a 10/10!

  • S, January 2019

Fabulous GFE experience

Not going to be the longest review - but wanted to quickly post something anyway - Saw Daisy yesterday in Queenstown. I'm still horny from the experience. Friendly, warm, affectionate GFE experience. Very pretty girl, easy to talk to. I love sex - but the cuddling etc is just (sometimes if not more) important to me... Daisy is naturally affectionate - her body responds amazingly well to being touched. I had an incredible time :-)


  • P, April 2018